Transcendent CEO Retreat

Oct 19 - 27, 2023

Hawaii, USA

An Experiential Journey into
Warrior-ship, Tantra, Shamanism, Self-Realization and Manifestation.

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You Are Invited To Join An Elite Cadre Of Leaders Ascending To A Whole New Level Of Success, Freedom And Full Awakening

What if there was a way to live and lead so that the obstacles that threaten your full greatness were revealed to be the very catalysts to your effortless mastery in all things?

Dear Friend,

You, as a leader, know you are capable of infinitely more ease in your success and internal freedom.

Sure, from the outside, you have all the trappings of success. But you know that you are still living smaller than the fully expressed person you know you can be. That your business could grow into far greater legacy status. That your family and intimate relations could be thrumming with so much more love, openness and ease.

You know that there exist levels of transformation that await you - and that you have the capability to attain them - and finally live into your most expansive sense of self and mission.

You are not alone.

There exists a quiet, rare cadre of Leaders of today who yearn to transcend the limited transactional world...

To learn and embody the Five Pillars of Transcendent Leadership…

  • To ascend from traditional egoic power to unlimited enlightened power
  • To easefully transform obstacles into portals of freedom and discovery
  • To expand your capacity to love from constricted to unguarded and limitless living as love
  • To release struggle and embrace greater abundance through easeful flow
  • To transcend daily distractions and live your most profound, intuitive, timeless wisdom.

Power. Freedom. Love. Easeful flow. Timeless Wisdom.

Herein lies the doorway to your complete awakening as a new kind of leader.

That Inner Voice That Calls You To Transcend Can Either Destroy or Awaken You...

If you are reading this, you are already “successful.”

In economic terms, you’ve won.

You’ve arrived.

You have respect. Choice. Authority.

But at your core, you (secretly, quietly) feel under-expressed, unseen for your essence, bored, lacking meaning or craving for deeper purpose and connection.

You are acutely aware that you have much more to give in this lifetime.

But something crucial lies untapped.

You hunger for a more intimate engagement and alignment with the flow of life itself.

Something is waking up in you, something that must be spoken, decisively acted upon and fulfilled.

And you know you must heed this calling - because you refuse to die small and ungiven.

You refuse to merely scuttle on the surface of life.

You carry it as a kind of secret.

Because, though it’s likely that your colleagues, employees and even your family may not see your full depth, you have an intuition of it…

And you know that you must - MUST - go deeper to discover just how profound are your gifts and how vast your joy can be.

There Exists Only One Training Ground That Will Move You Through to this Level of Transformation.

The Transcendent Leader Experience will both awaken and train you to live your life set securely upon the foundation of the Five Pillars of Transcendent Leadership.


Enlightened Power


Unbounded Love


Inner Freedom


Easeful Flow


Timeless Wisdom

Mastering the practices that create these Pillars will utterly liberate your life so that you can finally attain your complete, unbounded self-expression as both a leader and as an incarnation of love.

And When You Reach The Other Side…

When you emerge from The Transcendent Leader Experience, you will find that you have naturally passed out of the constrictions of your lesser desires and into the far more inspiring range of what you are meant to be as a Leader for the sake of all beings.

You will live with a new sense of harmony, balance, equilibrium and liberation.

Some have called the Transcendent Leader Experience a “Dojo of Complete Freedom”.

Like the most rigorous dojos, we dive into the heart-center of your psychological, spiritual intellectual, physical and emotional leadership with precision, discipline and impeccability in both form and intent.

This is a Training Ground for masterful living on a level most people cannot imagine and most leaders will never attain.

“Satyen’s work is hands-down the most effective transformational Founder/ Executive leadership program I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve tried a lot of them.”

– Mike Dannheim, Founder of Sensie

The Five Activations

Let’s explore the Five Pillars to Transcendent Leadership that serve your organizational evolution, your global contribution and your unique potential.

The Five Activations move you from mere peak performance to peak existence.

They give you the foundation to create happiness, harmony, and success in the marketplace, of course, but also at home. We often forget that family life is also an organization, requiring leadership, direction, love, and nurturance. Just as in the workplace, all ‘stakeholders’ need to feel heard, respected and valued to create the kind of whole-being success that we as Transcendent Leaders strive for.

When POWER, HEART, FREEDOM, FLOW, and WISDOM are activated, you become a conduit of life-force far beyond your “personality” limitations. You become a source of abundance, beneficence, transformation and fulfillment for yourself and for all.

At the Transcendent Leader Experience, You Will Immerse Yourself in Each of These Five Activations, One Day at a Time…

Day 1: Power - From Egoic to Enlightened Power

Most leaders source their power in skill, experience and influence. Transcendent leaders instead source their power in vision, mission, purpose and your most inspiring “why.”

As leaders, we have a special responsibility to wield power not merely for transactional ends, but for the transformation and transcendent greater good of all. While we may cerebrally claim the highest ideals, our old training and habits of ego and fear often inhibit and derail our best instincts.

On Day 1 we will train in how to transcend those old limitations and learn to source our power in the limitless and inexhaustible.

You Will Learn...

  • How to transform egoic, often self-destructive power habits into enlightened, service-driven power.
  • How to heal any shadow you may have around misuse of power.
  • How to fully awaken and magnify your unique superpowers.
  • How to come into coherence with the unique power of others.
  • how to reduce reliance on willpower which results in frustration, burnout and overwhelm.
  • How to tap into power that is unrestricted, abundant and ever-available.

You Will Emerge With…

  • New Dexterity - able to bring nuances of power to all the arenas in which you operate, personal and professional.
  • Enlightened Power - which is so different from egoic power, a bottomless and internal source, free of old shackles of struggle and confrontation.
  • Conflict Dissolution - a physical/spiritual embodiment of power that will help you navigate conflict by bringing an entirely new perspective and energy.
  • Inner Grace And Peace - as you learn the techniques to cultivate “silent power.”
  • The End Of Struggle - you will learn how to transcend personal struggle and approach everything and everyone with peace and equanimity.

Day 2: Love - From a Constricted to an Open Heart

Leaving behind the zero-sum confrontational ethos of an outworn system, you will learn how to generate team coherence, camaraderie, and a feeling of “one for all and all for one.” You will embody and demonstrate in both word and action a transition from old habits of closure and fear into the leadership of love and solidarity.

Not only will your professional world expand in ways you may not have yet imagined, you will also experience more joy and passion in all your relationships as you overcome inner turmoil, limiting beliefs, trauma and stress, poisons that prevent you from fully opening your heart to the fullness of others and of every moment.

You Will Learn...

  • How to heal and release old wounds and prevent new ones from taking root.
  • How to awaken to love at every moment, with every breath, at its full depth.
  • How to infuse full-heartedness into every relationship you have, personal and professional.
  • How to experience “heart illumination” which, when entered, now becomes your new “default paradigm”.
  • How to foster deeper, more authentic, vulnerable and caring communications within your team, family and community.

You Will Emerge With…

  • Clean, Transparent and Satisfying Relationships - in place of old resentments, confrontations and residual bad feeling.
  • The Ability to Live From The Heart - rather than the head or willpower, and therefore able to live a life of serenity, connection as well as a far more inspiring level of leadership.
  • A Taste of Enlightenment - call it heart-expansiveness, inner-peace or oceanic love consciousness, you will finally experience what we all truly long for beyond the noise and distraction of daily life.
  • A Model of Leadership - that it is needed now more than ever on this planet
  • THE END OF STRUGGLE - you will learn how to transcend personal struggle and approach everything and everyone with peace and equanimity.

“Satyen Raja is the leader for leaders, the CEO of CEO’s. If you want to go way beyond financial success and achieve a state of true power, real freedom, and emotional and spiritual equilibrium, you will find it in Satyen Raja.”

– Raymond Aaron, NYT Bestselling Author and Founder of The Raymond Aaron Group

Day 3: Freedom - Cultivating Complete Inner and Outer Liberation

Most leaders live constrained by crippling beliefs around what leadership “should” look like, rather than living fully into the freedom and creativity of their full, unique expression.

Productivity and joy grow exponentially when you access and nourish actual freedom on all levels of being - physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. A lightness appears. New possibilities open, and everyone - family, team members and colleagues alike - experience you as an inspiration and model, leading to their transformation as well.

You Will Learn...

  • How to distinguish true enlightened freedom from lesser versions.
  • How to free yourself from any situation or condition in which you feel trapped or stuck.
  • How to operate from the freedom you already possess rather than neurotically continue to seek it from without.
  • How to create a high-performance environment where everyone is free to be themselves and to own their power.
  • How to master and balance “the freedom triangle” of presence, claim and penetration.

You Will Emerge With…

  • Freedom From Struggle - even if you’ve experienced a lifelong, neurotic addiction to it.
  • Freedom From Stagnation - whether in your personal relationships or the visionary breadth and depth of your leadership.
  • A Clear Path Forward - free of even your most stubborn blocks and old limitations.
  • A New Spaciousness - allowing for more flow, creativity, love, genuine leadership and truthful self-expression.

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Day 4: Flow - Exchanging Struggle for Flow

The old paradigm of hustle, of pushing to exhaustion in order to make “it” happen is neither healthy, virtuous nor sustainable. Far too many CEOs and global leaders, conflating the heightened anxiety of “busy-ness” with self-worth, dwell in pursuit rather than in presence, chasing the next achievement or fix.

Breathlessly seeking what feels like validation from without only leaves a deep feeling of loneliness within. Discover a better way, informed by ancient wisdom, as you learn how to identify and move effortlessly toward ever higher goals along a serene path of least resistance.

You Will Learn...

  • How to confront and transcend what keeps you in patterns of conflict and stuckness.
  • How to transform every area - personally or professionally - from any form of stagnation to effortless and satisfying progress.
  • How to access flow state at will.
  • How to awaken the balancing power of enlightened feminine force within you, no matter how “masculine” you may seem or feel on the outside.
  • How to master and enjoy “The Flow Triangle” of invitation, surrender and expression.

You Will Emerge With…

  • A Far More joyous and Relaxed State of Being and Life - no matter what arises.
  • Less Struggle and Less Striving - more laughter, more ease, more forward motion.
  • Less Waste of Your Excess Potential - which releases the natural flow of your power and creativity by allowing balance.
  • The Joy of Effortless Triumph - free from heart-constriction and tension.

Day 5: Wisdom - Evolving into Full Enlightenment

In a world that values “content” over knowledge and misinformation over truth, the need for leaders who cultivate and emanate true and perennial wisdom has never been more important or needed.

Drawing on the most profound global wisdom traditions as well as the cutting-edge science of self-mastery, you will awaken layers of profound wisdom already within you.

You Will Learn...

  • How to hear and trust the innate wisdom within yourself.
  • How to learn to be both a humble student and a powerful mentor - and balance the two.
  • How to embody the habits and deep character traits of the wise.
  • How to access and balance the power of “soul and mind unity” in both your personal and public life.

You Will Emerge With…

  • A Knowing Serenity - that makes you the island of calm in any storm.
  • An Intuitive Depth - that guides you through noise and distraction.
  • Patterns of Success - that navigate life and business into both short and long term fulfillment.
  • An Unmistakable Embodiment of Leadership - that calls forth the qualities you most value.

"As an executive coach there is ABSOLUTELY no one better!”

– Joe Williams, International Speaker, Strategic Expert,
Former Head Trainer for Tony Robbins

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