Intensives & Live


Most of our upcoming intensives and trainings are invite only click here to book a discovery consultation and apply to learn more.

Transcendent CEO Retreats

Our Transcendent CEO retreats and intensives are a sanctuary for growth, rest, transformation, energetic healing and so much more.


The most potent system available to synergize your team and propel them into maximum efficiency and flow.

Alliance: From Chaos to Coherence

A potent 2-hour experience where we upgrade team synergy dissolving frictions for maximum impact and aligning team players in flow state.

Accelerated Evolution Academy

Learn methods that allow anybody to dissolve inner conflict, emotional knots allowing the natural emergence of peace of mind, flow and effortless peak existence.

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Ignite Passion

The Ultimate Goal of the Ignite Passion Now Virtual Experience is to have better and more frequent sex and deeper intimacy.

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Community Events


Activations are one day, community led experiential events. In these trainings you’ll dissolve limitation, learn cutting-edge practices that align your mind and soul to fully activate the WarriorSage within.



Activate your abundance and prosperity by dissolving mental blocks and create an action plan for success.

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Activate your intimate and every-day relationships with innovative practices, wisdom and practical tools.

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Activate your personal power with modern advancements on an ancient enlightenment process.

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Warriorsage Vintage


We’ve made all our previous audio and dvd programs available for everyone, completely complimentary. Browse and download all our vintage WarriorSage Programs here.

What if you could be the leader with all your strengths and brilliance with none of the triggers and nothing to prove?

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Join my 3 Part workshop.

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