What is the WarriorSage Community?

We created WarriorSage Community to help people from all walks of life to empower themselves and connect deeply with each other. We believe that we each need to liberate our own love and freedom as individuals to arise together and cultivate a new kind of leadership to move the world forward.

Our vision holds that all of humanity deserves the opportunity to cultivate personal liberation, and that every person should have access to a community which supports his or her highest purpose. For us, both personal enlightenment and a connected, conscious community arise more organically and symbiotically together.

We provide the support, tools, and experiences for men and women to liberate love and freedom. Our live events and online teachings support growth, abundance, healthy relationship and true power in a supportive environment.

Monthly Training

Enter The Path of the WarriorSage

If you're called to a path that doesn't require pumping up your energy and pronouncing enthusiastic declarations, a path that cultivates deep silent power, the power that creates the most impact and change in effect and ripple from the least amount of efforting, then you're welcome.


Host Your Own Activations

Download our Dojo Prep Kit and get everything you need to start your own Dojo and host an Abundance Activation event. Click below to get started.


Join the Team

We need volunteers to help grow this mission. Social media, communications, IT, sponsors, treasury and management are areas we need support. If you would like to contribute to the Arise Together initative join the team now.

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