Activate your abundance and prosperity by dissolving mental blocks and understand the flows of prosperity.

We Have Been Deactivated In Many Ways

Our freedom to experience what we wish, how and when we wish, is constrained by generations of imprints.

Many of these imprints activated our potential, guided our path and brought us to success.

Yet many also hampered our freedom to create the life experiences we wish for ourselves and loved ones.

Many of us haven’t even begun to imagine the great things we can experience and goals we can accomplish due to imprints that have for ages deactivated our capacity to have peak existence...in all ways.

One of our main points of struggle and suffering is the timeless conflicts with Money

Money means so many things to so many people and much of what we feel and think about money has deactivated the freedom to enjoy wealth in every way.

  • Our earning limiting our ability to enjoy life more fully.
  • Our savings wavering in worry and lack.
  • Our spending unconsciously leaking our power.
  • Our investing filled with uncertainty.
  • Our our sense of freedom and flow chained behind historical patterns.
Each level of Wealth and Freedom has its own set of mental and emotional constraints.

WarriorSage Abundance Activation

This community led Abundance Activation is here for you to eliminate at a very deep and thorough level the obstacles to peaceful abundance.

The intention is to empower you with the keys to your own freedom and enjoy connecting with others who are also interested in the same things as you.

WarriorSages Arise Together by supporting each other on the path to your own personal mastery.

Here’s what you will learn and experience:

  • Clear past guilt, shame and judgements around your relationship with money.
  • Learn a powerful method to dissolve the top 10 limiting beliefs around money, wealth and abundance.
  • Learn the 4 flows of prosperity and how to make them work for you rather than against you.
  • Real connection and celebration with fellow WarriorSage Community Members.
Abundance Activation

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