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Welcome to warriorsage

Meet Founders Satyen & Suzanne

Satyen and Suzanne Raja are masterful guides for rapid and powerful transformation, spiritual evolution and ecstatic living. They work with accomplished leaders who yearn for an existence beyond the goals of wealth, status and success.

For over 35 years, Satyen and Suzanne have cultivated, distilled and uniquely harmonized multiple consciousness-expanding modalities including universal principles and practices of Spiritual Warriorship, Tantra and Evolutionary Relationship, Shamanism, Reality Creation, Enlightenment and Self-actualization.

This Path of the WarriorSage is a spiritual quickening that awakens your unique Transcendent Legacy.


About WarriorSage

Our clients seek an experience of life beyond mere peak performance. They already see into a higher level of self-actualization, inner harmony and deep human truths - and are prepared to claim a life of comprehensive and consistent “Peak Existence.”

Diving deep into the subtle nuances of Being, Satyen and Suzanne help leaders release and transcend illusion, disharmony, tension and struggle, to embody profoundly meaningful lives fully aligned with Truth and the miracle that is our existence.

Master a life of true happiness, soul-fulfillment, passion, freedom and love.


Featured Retreats & Events

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Transcendent CEO Retreats

Satyen will masterfully guide you through enlightening the energetics of sex, power and money in yourself through training in the realms of warriorship, tantra, shamanism, manifestation and self...

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A Course on Enlightenments

In this course two leading practitioners of enlightenment theory and practice, Satyen Raja and Dr. Thomas Daffern, will be sharing the fruits of two lifetimes of research and experimental life-practice into these complex issues in a 12 module course.

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A profound self realization mediation retreat to awaken to your true nature and experience enlightenment for yourself.

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Interviews & Videos

With Suzanne & Satyen


New Books by Satyen Raja Available Now


CEO & Culture

This quintessential leadership guide combines Transcendent CEO and Transcendent Culture in one Book set.


Path of the Warriorsage

An inspiring and artistic journey of spiritual teachings, practical wisdom and stimulating visuals.


Hear from our Past Clients


Satyen is a true master who passes his brilliance and experience on in a way that people really 'get it'...

I have run seminars for over half a million people and have had over 100 different speakers and trainers on my stage. Satyen Raja is THE BEST trainer I have ever experienced in terms of teaching students how to access their full power. He is a true master who passes his brilliance and experience on in a way that people really 'get it' and more importantly, keep it for the rest of their lives.

T. Harv Eker
CEO, Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker / T. Harv Eker International

Satyen Raja is a gifted mentor, coach, spiritual teacher, guide, and brilliant advocate for anyone...

Satyen Raja is a gifted mentor, coach, spiritual teacher, guide, and brilliant advocate for anyone who has the good fortune to work with him. His keen sense of insight and deep compassion creates a safe space for the clarity and wisdom that you naturally possess to become available to you. I have been profoundly served in my sessions with him and have found my both my center and my untapped genius through his guidance and presence. He works from a deep spiritual root that is clear and trustworthy. His integrity is unshakable, his heart is pure, and he is grounded in love.

Lynne Twist
Global Visionary, Author, Consultant, Keynote Speaker / Soul of Money Institute

Satyen is a rare and precious find - an authentic wisdom teacher who walks his talk but also presents his material in a way that it is instantly accessible to anyone.

These books are as startlingly beautiful as they are profound. They are filled with practical exercises that can reframe and reshape one’s whole reality, yet they also manage to be mysteriously poetic and empathic. Turn to any page at random and you will be met with a shard of illumination that can turn your day around!

Richard Rudd
Author and Founder of Gene Keys

Satyen Raja is the leader for leaders, the CEO of CEO’s. Having proven himself in creating and running multiple successful conscious companies since his teens, he is the well guarded secret advisor, mentor and confidant to high power leaders.

If you want to go way beyond financial success and achieve a state of true power, real freedom and emotional and spiritual equilibrium, then seek him out. To work with him is to liberate your full spectrum of success…financial, family harmony, vitality and deep faith in yourself and the forces of life. You will surely move beyond your chaos, struggles and self imposed limits fast and very deeply. He is a true modern day Warrior and Sage and with his guidance you will be too.

Raymond Aaron
New York Times Bestselling Author & Founder of / The Raymond Aaron Group


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